Sunday, December 21, 2014

DIY wreath

Want a cute christmas decoration but you're on a budget? That was me today, so I decided to make something on my own.
I had an old wire hanger and some gold/red ribbon, so I went to the xmas faire and bought cheap materials:
1 green garland. 300 pesos.
1 tea light (battery operated). 790 pesos.
12 tree decoration balls. 1000 pesos.
Total spent: 2090 pesos = 2.7 euros = 3.4 US dollars.

So all I did was twist the wire hanger into a circular shape, leaving a hook at one end (to hang the wreath), another little hook at the other end (to close the circle), and a loop in the middle fitted to put the tea light in (it had to be tight so the light doesn't fall).
I twisted the garland through the wire in loops and alternated the xmas balls in a way I liked.
I made a sort of decorative knot with the ribbon and knotted it on top.

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