Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kiss of Snow

So I finished reading Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh and Summer's Crossing by Julie Kagawa.

First, a few words for the Iron Fey: loved Puck, as I knew I would, but really... I'm kinda getting tired of the love triangle, I hope it won't continue on "The Iron Knight". Other than that the novella was sweet. And I always forget to mention Leananshide, she's all kinds of awesome darlings! Even if she treats us humans like crap, but hey, she wouldn't be Fey otherwise.

Now for Kiss of Snow:
Right-o! Sienna and Hawke got their HEA. The surprise for me came with Walker and Lara though, get got 2 wolves popping psy cherries instead of one! LOL. I loved their story.
Meanwhile, as I kept reading, when Judd was telling Hawke of some of the torture Ming put nine-year-old Sienna through... I know it was wrong of me, but I laughed when he said:
"What better way to teach a child control than to put her in a room designed to blow up with her inside if she got something wrong."
Speaking of Judd, so he knew who the Ghost is, told Hawke, and even the Ghost himself knows Judd knows... who the heck is he??!!?! I still think it's Kaleb, since he wants control of everything, and the Ghost seems to want that too, but there's no confirmation, argh!!
Anyway, dear niece suri, you were right, Judd kicked ass! when the Rats where commenting the battle, and what Judd was doing, damn! He's awesome ♥♥♥

But there's so many questions still in the air with the whole story, the future, it's frustrating!
And so we learn at the end that Hawke's last name is Snow, cute. I see what you did there, Ms. Singh. LOL.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Awake by Wendy Raven McNair.

Ok, so last night I finished reading the second instalment of Wendy Raven McNair's Asleep trilogy, "Awake".

It is SO GOOD. I love Adisa, she shines in a sea filled with selfish stupid YA heroines as a beacon of all that is good, and she's NOT a mary sue. A feat only a few writers can pull off.

I like that even when she's overwhelmed with adversity, overcome in one of her "rages", with everyone around her man-handling her, or keeping her in the dark, or basically using her for their own purposes, she still manages to think, to keep her priorities straight, to never lose sight of what she wants.
And when she makes mistakes she realizes them and she does her best to make it better, to apologize, to learn from the experience.
She doesn't lie to herself, even when she compartmentalizes, like Pearl.

Speaking of Pearl. OMG. I kind of figured Adisa would have to go to extremes to get out of Kubanza, but gosh, when the moment came... it had me in tears!
Also, I'm having a hard time making the Sps as the bad guys, as Adisa seemed determined to do in the beginning. It's not just "cultural differences" that separates earthbounds from them. It's so much more. It's gonna be pretty interesting reading how Adisa will make sense of both her heritages merged in herself, which is what I think will have to come next (after she saves Micah, of course, LOL).

And Micah *melts* that boy- sorry, that man... how dreamy can he be? even with the Sp. creepiness- sorry, cultural differences... LOL. I was starting to mourn when he became Guardian and the whole permanent shield, and then he goes and kisses Adisa like he used to... AWWWW!!!
Ok, that felt a bit like forced HEA, but the kids deserve it, dammit!
I mean, The Authorities making an exception just for him? it sounds too good to be true if you ask me, suspicious.

Anyway. This series rocks. That's the bottom line. Thank you dear niece for sharing it with me *hugs* ♥♥♥

P.D.: LOL, I'm ashamed to say... that I'm gonna have to google King Musa, just like Adisa. Oh, and the "cinnamon balls" joke, still cracks me up like a juvenile.