Friday, December 13, 2013

At the supermarket

I saw this ice cream... I didn't buy some so I don't know if it tastes good but that name... It's soooo unintentionaly hilarious, I LOLed and had to take a pic.
Thanks LIDER chile supermarket for carrying food from the states.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

No momo

So my laptop froze... *whines*, it's been in the shop since last week... There's a hole in my room, I miss it. When oh when did I become addicted to technology? It was probably because of the internet back in the 90s, I used to crash mum's office to use the computer there all the time, then we got our own internet, then I got my laptop, and now I use my smartphone.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun with photoshop

Here are four covers I did for my brother. Sometimes the album cover of a certain CD or whatever is not to your liking, what to do? make your own. When I say this I mean with made-up compilations you have with random mp3s or maybe a bunch of songs you wish were released together... not official stuff, because I try to be respectful of those, they went to all the trouble to design something for us after all.

I followed two photoshop tutorial you can find all over the interwez for this one.

A show the Pet Shop Boys did that was aired on BBC two, bro got the audio.

A song they did, but never an official single? I don't know. Anyway, bless you Pet Shop Boys for doing your covers with white background and pretty (but simple) designs. LOL!

SHINY! I followed two tutorials on how to make gold shiny letters. So good!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Delayed birthday pics

I totally forgot to post these pics on my birthday, june 23th, I'm going to blame it on my kyaaaa-ing about my gifts but most of all my bliss-out on wonderful cake-ness.
That is to say, my awesome bro cooked me a special cake!

Here are the main ingredients:  Chocolate and Peanuts.

Which, at my request, were turned into a... Peanut butter cup Cake!

A japanese-style strawberry shortcake Cake (a vanilla cake, basically), filled with delish home-made peanut butter and cream filling (we did the math, it's soooooooooooooo much cheaper to buy peanuts by the bulk and make your own peanut butter with the food processor than buy the jars, I swear. Plus it's easy, you just process the peanuts with a little bit of oil and voilá), and chocolate ganache cover!
You know, I don't mean to brag (right XD) but it's a known fact that the finest types of cacao beans come from Venezuela, they are super expensive abroad but thankfully they are still accessible to us venezuelans, we bought those huge chocolate bars (1 kg. / 2.2 lb.) because bro is always cooking with it so it makes sense, he used the Bucare type, which is 52,2 % pure cacao (not that bitter).
If you don't believe me about the venezuelan chocolate just check out, for example:

La Maison du Chocolat

They use venezuelan vintages of cacao. See the prices. We bought the bars way cheaper (17, about 22 US$ each), and do you know how many bonbons can come out of one of those bars? 50 at the very least!

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Studying Japanese. Behold, my kana table:

It's makeup madness

This is my total amount of makeup that I never use:

According to all those makeup articles in magazines like InStyle (love it), I'm missing 16 or more "essentials", can you guess what? I'd say right off the bat: eyelash curler, which if I had I wouldn't need the mascara because my eyelashes are long and thick.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fake book covers 12

And the last one, I'm still not satisfied with the flame letters... I know I'm missing something in all of those tutorials I read online, but I can't figure out what.

Heart of Obsidian is out!!! Go buy it right now!!! It's too good to miss!!

Fake book covers 11

It was a nice coincidence that the rope texture somewhat resembles wolf fur... I wish I had found a better resolution pic...

Fake book covers 10

That's blood on the snow there...

Fake book covers 09

I found it funny that "someone" threw the red rose flower arrangement off the precipice... yes, this didn't happen in the book, call it fanfiction.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fake book covers 08

The justice font... is supposed to be the red string of destiny, XD, sorry.

Fake book covers 07

Ok, I went mad with the font layer options around this time, I admit it, but the metal effect is just so cool...

Fake book covers 06

I had fun doing this one since it was my first time having a crack at furry letters.

Fake book covers 05

I don't know why but I associate Ashaya with the color teal, hence the letters...

Fake book covers 04

I totally forgot to change the color of the jeep (because yellow is so conspicuous), oh well.

Fake book covers 03

Book #3, oh Judd...

Fake book covers 02

Here's book # 2, I kinda like this one the best of all I've made up until now...

Fake book covers 01

You know when you're reading a book... and the model(s) on the cover is not really what you imagined the character to be? Or, say the main character has certain physical characteristics that are not depicted as they should have? and it all just puts you off?
Well, there are various ways to circumvent this, but the most fun for noob photoshop users like myself is to make a cover of your own.
My friend Suri and I are super fans of Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series... and one day we were talking about models we thought would represent the characters best, but it's so difficult to agree on one! I had decided to have a go at making alternate book covers for the books, but alas! I ended up liking the covers that didn't have model faces that I decided to post them, what do you think?
The obvious main reason: if it's anything else but people depicted, then you're free to imagine the characters as you wish.
Here's the first book: Slave to Sensation!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Twice the fun...

Or not, as is the case.
I've read tons of fiction books, and had become acquainted with the Mary Sue trope over the years, and although I've always been reticent to use the term, I had found a book series that screamed it at me while I read it. The Katherine Katt series by Gini Koch. I was so pissed off at the general "awesomeness" of the main character, who could do no wrong, and when she did she was quickly forgiven because all the men loved her (even the gay ones) that I quit reading the books.
Now you have to understand, whenever I begin to read a book that I consequently find "bad" (at least in my opinion) I still continued to read it all the way till the end, as a matter of principle, so that I could form a rounded opinion of it and really could say I did not like it at all when the trial was over.
The problem with books series is, there might be a book in there that is good, or bad, hidden among all the other ones, so you have to read them all.
Or so I thought.
I'd come to the conclusion that if I don't like the first 3 books of a series I really should stop reading it, and that's what happened with the Koch books.
I thought I'd learned my lesson and moved on, until I found myself  in the same position once again. This time it is the Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett. The premise promised, and as I continued to read the books I was let down over and over again, the main character is superficial to the extreme and stupid, but everyone else is always praising her good nature and intelligence (what?), once again all the males love her including the gay ones, and all the females cater to her (except the bad females because they are villains! <---- sarcasm font), also, there is no character development.
But I still continued to read until I remembered my 3 book deal. so yeah, I stopped reading at book 6. Oi vey.
I hope my teflon mind remembers in the future to stop reading at the third attempt.

Friday, January 11, 2013


So i'm sick, again.
This sucks so much.
Boooo sickness you suck.

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