Monday, February 10, 2014

A little DIY three.

I got some lightweight yarn the other day and decided to make myself some fingerless gloves following this great tutorial over on youtube:

Fingerless gloves - eyelet mock cable ribbing stitch

Here are Joanne's instructions (be sure to thank her if you make them!):

Size 4.5mm needles. Worsted yarn (#4) Cast on 41 sts.

Row 1.- *p2, k3*...end with p1
Row 2.- k1 *p3, k2* end with k2
Repeat 6 times. 12 rows in total

Stitch: Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing:
Row 1.-*p2, Slip as if to knit, knit 2, pass the one you sliped over these 2 knits* end with p1.
Row 2.- k1 *purl 1, yarn over needle, purl 1, knit 2* end with k2.
Row 3.- *p2, k3* end with p1.
Row 4.- k1 *p3,k2* end with k2
Repeat these 4 rows 11 times.

Sew from bottom (beginning of ribbing) until 5 repetitions of the stitch. Leave 2 repetitions of the stitch without sewing. Sew from top to bottom 4 repetitions of the stitch. Note. #1 is the Right Side.

I changed it a little bit to fit my hands and sewed two little triangles over the thumbs to make it cozier, they turned out awesome!

What I changed:
  • Instead of 41 stitches I cast on 46 sts, why? because the yarn I used was a tiny bit thinner than the one in the tutorial.
  • Instead of 11 repetitions of the cable design I did 9, why? because I wanted the cable design to be shorter so I could make a long top ribbing.
  • After the 9 repetitions I did Row 1 of the cable design once, why? because I wanted to make it look like the last "circle" was finished. This reduced the amount of stitches which suited me fine because:
  • I wanted to make the ribbing on my fingers (top ribbing) to fit tight around them. I had 29 stitches left, with which I did a 2x2 ribbing for 12 rows, that is:
Row 1 = *P2, K2*, end with P1.
Row 2 = K1, *P2, K2*, end with K2.
Repeat these two rows 6 times.

Now, because I changed the amount of cable repetitions I had to measure my hands to figure out until where I had to sew together in order to leave the thumb opening where it should be.

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