Monday, February 10, 2014

A little DIY three.

I got some lightweight yarn the other day and decided to make myself some fingerless gloves following this great tutorial over on youtube:

Fingerless gloves - eyelet mock cable ribbing stitch

Here are Joanne's instructions (be sure to thank her if you make them!):

Size 4.5mm needles. Worsted yarn (#4) Cast on 41 sts.

Row 1.- *p2, k3*...end with p1
Row 2.- k1 *p3, k2* end with k2
Repeat 6 times. 12 rows in total

Stitch: Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing:
Row 1.-*p2, Slip as if to knit, knit 2, pass the one you sliped over these 2 knits* end with p1.
Row 2.- k1 *purl 1, yarn over needle, purl 1, knit 2* end with k2.
Row 3.- *p2, k3* end with p1.
Row 4.- k1 *p3,k2* end with k2
Repeat these 4 rows 11 times.

Sew from bottom (beginning of ribbing) until 5 repetitions of the stitch. Leave 2 repetitions of the stitch without sewing. Sew from top to bottom 4 repetitions of the stitch. Note. #1 is the Right Side.

I changed it a little bit to fit my hands and sewed two little triangles over the thumbs to make it cozier, they turned out awesome!

What I changed:
  • Instead of 41 stitches I cast on 46 sts, why? because the yarn I used was a tiny bit thinner than the one in the tutorial.
  • Instead of 11 repetitions of the cable design I did 9, why? because I wanted the cable design to be shorter so I could make a long top ribbing.
  • After the 9 repetitions I did Row 1 of the cable design once, why? because I wanted to make it look like the last "circle" was finished. This reduced the amount of stitches which suited me fine because:
  • I wanted to make the ribbing on my fingers (top ribbing) to fit tight around them. I had 29 stitches left, with which I did a 2x2 ribbing for 12 rows, that is:
Row 1 = *P2, K2*, end with P1.
Row 2 = K1, *P2, K2*, end with K2.
Repeat these two rows 6 times.

Now, because I changed the amount of cable repetitions I had to measure my hands to figure out until where I had to sew together in order to leave the thumb opening where it should be.

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  1. Oohhhh! You did such an awesome job, woman!!! And i love that criss cross cable stitch.

    1. Thank you! *blushes* that stitch is great, ne. The best part though is the "mock" part XD, which means you don't have to do the complicated steps for cable stitches, like twisting or using another special needle, it was all pretty easy. After a while I got used to the stitch sequence so I even could hear music without loosing step, LOL, I heard Monstercat's 15th album (it's mostly dubstep) and the Wicked soundtrack.

    2. Wicked is coming to my city in April. I am so going!. Matter of a fact, I should go buy my tickets now.

    3. Oh man *green not like elphaba but with jealousy* You'll have to report to me then, what you thought and everything. Oh man...