Monday, January 27, 2014

A little DIY 2

I found this really cool blue/purple colored yarn and made myself an infinity scarf. Seed stitch with a border, in my mind it looks like blueberries so that's what I'm calling it, "the blueberry scarf" XD.

Cast on in multiples of 2 (add 6 stitches for both edges).

I cast on 3 stitches (border) + 20 + 3 more stitches (border), so 20+6, 26 sts in total. I used two skeins, which gave me enough length to wrap the scarf twice over my neck.

100 gr. yarn, 6.5 mm needles.

Row 1:  K2, P1, *K1, P1... end with K1, P1 and slip the last stitch as if to purl.
Row 2:  K2, P1, *P1, K1... end with K1, P1 and slip the last stitch as if to purl.
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until desired length. Bind off following the pattern. Sew ends together.

Pretty easy, right?


  1. Me likey! May try this one. What size yarn did you use?

    1. Yay! Well, the label only said "100 gr. 100% Acrylic", that's all the info it had, XD XD. I used 6.5 mm needles, which is supposedly 10 1/5 US size.
      I casted on 20+6 stitches, which fit fine around my neck, plenty of left over for folds but not too much... I guess for someone with a shorter neck it would be less stitches, obviously.

    2. BTW, I never use US sizes. I don't even know them. All my needles are in mm so I had no clue what a 10 1/5 was until you said it. LOL. Damn America always wants to be so different.

      Have I ever shown you the hat and cowl I made. And that's what a infinity scarf is, right? A cowl?