Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little DIY

So, I couldn't find a cover for my tablet that I liked, and the ones I did like did not fit the tablet.
What's a girl to do? Do It Yourself, of course.
Turns out it wasn't difficult at all. Yes, it does look "home made", not professional and whatnot, but I like it.
This was my first attempt, and I think I'll try to do some more in the future, there were some pretty fabrics I saw at the store, and now that I know what not to do, how to make it better by trial and error, I'm confident they'll turn out all right.

So, what I did: I copied the shape of the tablet in paper and cut it out to have a base or template to build around. I also measured the thickness of it to keep in mind for the fold.
I had an old cardboard file holder (pretty sturdy) that I used to cut out the book shape. I covered it with a hard white fabric that is used to give shape (glued it on).
I then measured and cut out three pieces of fabric, two for the white satiny interior and one for the blue-jeans exterior. I also cut 4 pieces of white elastic and placed them according to the template. I sewed it all together as if making a bag in which to put the cardboard in. I filled with cotton the part where the tablet screen would be covered to have a cushion of protection over it. I sewed it closed like a pillow.
Then I cut and sewed/glued the folding thingy to close it, with velcro, and I also glued a strip to hold a pen at the side.

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