Monday, February 11, 2013

Twice the fun...

Or not, as is the case.
I've read tons of fiction books, and had become acquainted with the Mary Sue trope over the years, and although I've always been reticent to use the term, I had found a book series that screamed it at me while I read it. The Katherine Katt series by Gini Koch. I was so pissed off at the general "awesomeness" of the main character, who could do no wrong, and when she did she was quickly forgiven because all the men loved her (even the gay ones) that I quit reading the books.
Now you have to understand, whenever I begin to read a book that I consequently find "bad" (at least in my opinion) I still continued to read it all the way till the end, as a matter of principle, so that I could form a rounded opinion of it and really could say I did not like it at all when the trial was over.
The problem with books series is, there might be a book in there that is good, or bad, hidden among all the other ones, so you have to read them all.
Or so I thought.
I'd come to the conclusion that if I don't like the first 3 books of a series I really should stop reading it, and that's what happened with the Koch books.
I thought I'd learned my lesson and moved on, until I found myself  in the same position once again. This time it is the Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett. The premise promised, and as I continued to read the books I was let down over and over again, the main character is superficial to the extreme and stupid, but everyone else is always praising her good nature and intelligence (what?), once again all the males love her including the gay ones, and all the females cater to her (except the bad females because they are villains! <---- sarcasm font), also, there is no character development.
But I still continued to read until I remembered my 3 book deal. so yeah, I stopped reading at book 6. Oi vey.
I hope my teflon mind remembers in the future to stop reading at the third attempt.

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