Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fun with photoshop

Here are four covers I did for my brother. Sometimes the album cover of a certain CD or whatever is not to your liking, what to do? make your own. When I say this I mean with made-up compilations you have with random mp3s or maybe a bunch of songs you wish were released together... not official stuff, because I try to be respectful of those, they went to all the trouble to design something for us after all.

I followed two photoshop tutorial you can find all over the interwez for this one.

A show the Pet Shop Boys did that was aired on BBC two, bro got the audio.

A song they did, but never an official single? I don't know. Anyway, bless you Pet Shop Boys for doing your covers with white background and pretty (but simple) designs. LOL!

SHINY! I followed two tutorials on how to make gold shiny letters. So good!

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  1. Thank Youuuuu!!!! I heart them all! Anything with linda evagelista on the cover looks smashing, and with 3 even better lol hell even if she wore a sack of potatos it would still be pretty ;-) the lovelife song is a bside thing, i came to know ut because Alcazar covered it i think