Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kiss of Snow

So I finished reading Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh and Summer's Crossing by Julie Kagawa.

First, a few words for the Iron Fey: loved Puck, as I knew I would, but really... I'm kinda getting tired of the love triangle, I hope it won't continue on "The Iron Knight". Other than that the novella was sweet. And I always forget to mention Leananshide, she's all kinds of awesome darlings! Even if she treats us humans like crap, but hey, she wouldn't be Fey otherwise.

Now for Kiss of Snow:
Right-o! Sienna and Hawke got their HEA. The surprise for me came with Walker and Lara though, get got 2 wolves popping psy cherries instead of one! LOL. I loved their story.
Meanwhile, as I kept reading, when Judd was telling Hawke of some of the torture Ming put nine-year-old Sienna through... I know it was wrong of me, but I laughed when he said:
"What better way to teach a child control than to put her in a room designed to blow up with her inside if she got something wrong."
Speaking of Judd, so he knew who the Ghost is, told Hawke, and even the Ghost himself knows Judd knows... who the heck is he??!!?! I still think it's Kaleb, since he wants control of everything, and the Ghost seems to want that too, but there's no confirmation, argh!!
Anyway, dear niece suri, you were right, Judd kicked ass! when the Rats where commenting the battle, and what Judd was doing, damn! He's awesome ♥♥♥

But there's so many questions still in the air with the whole story, the future, it's frustrating!
And so we learn at the end that Hawke's last name is Snow, cute. I see what you did there, Ms. Singh. LOL.


  1. The rats comments made me squeal and want to cry. Damn but I love that guy. Whole heartedly.

    I didn't feel sorry for 9 year old Sienna either. Just thought Ming was a total dick. But loved when she blazed and fought against the Psy.

    Did you see the baby?
    I thought it was weird how that chick was still alive. She's over 130 years old.

    Sick of that love triangle as well.

  2. Judd was so cool, whenever he appeared the book suddenly got better. LOL. But I guess we're biased, some fans don't like Judd at all.

    And may I say that for me Walker stole the book? I was invested in his story with Lara much more than Hawke and Sienna.

    And I'll say this too, I don't like Hawke as much as I did before, I was rolling my eyes at him most of the time, and honestly have come to think he doesn't really deserve Sienna, there. LOL. But whatever. Maybe his duchebagness will lessen now that he's mated.

    Sienna was cool, her self-control, and the X-cardinal power, but her scene at the battle field... reminded me of Jean Gray in X-men: The Last Stand movie so much... I don't know.

    And some fans have been talking about how the battle "happy ending" felt way too unreal, I'm agreeing. A battle is a battle, there are casualties, that's war, the psy-changeling series have never shied away from drama and heart-wrenching situations... and the battle was... not developed enough I guess? it felt almost anti-climatic, what with all the built-up and such.
    NS could have edited so much dialogue (some things were repeated too much) that she could have expanded the ending... that wolf changeling reunion after the battle, as much as I thought hyper!SnowDancers were hilarious, they could have mentioned Sienna's power for destruction or something.

    Baby Nadiya was sweet, and yeah, like I thought, she's gonna be soooooooo spoiled LOL, I can see it.

    The whole frozen!Alice thing, weird, it was obviously a set up for a future story, but it felt out of place within the book, like, her presence didn't even helped move along the plot at all... NS could have perfectly had the Ghost bring in her x-psy book/research, made it so it didn't help Sienna (which is what happened anyway, the situation resolved itself) but hinted at Alice being alive and frozen somewhere.

  3. I completely agree about the battle. While reading it I was grinding my teeth because I knew at any moment someone I loved and adored would die. Because, hey! It's a battle. But not a single wolf or leopard died. They didn't even kill off minor characters. Weird. That's not how it works.

    True. Hawke isn't as mysterious now as he was before which indeed lessens the feelings for him. But he is a patient man, I give him that. It wasn't until basically the end of the book before they slept together, which is a lot longer than the other novels.

    Those fans can continue to dislike Judd. That's less people we have to share him with. I always said if I could be one of the females it would be Ashaya, mainly because I thought she resembled me most in appearance, but if I had to choose based on my mate, I would be Brenna.