Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear niece:

Did you see this?

He'll be the perfect chaebol caught in a love triangle... with a girl (moon geun-young) caught in 2, count them, 2 contract marriages? and the other guy will be jang geun-seok (of You're Beautiful fame) playing an indie rock musician?


When this k-drama is available to watch, I will. I LOVE ye olde contract marriage k-drama storyline to begin with...


  1. You do love ye olde contract marriages. I tire of them quickly. But I do looovvveeee me some Kim Jae Wook. I would marry that guy if I could. SOOOO, *squeals* And the writer is the same from Goong. Goong has pretty much always been my favorite kdrama. The Love Triangle there was epicccccc.

    You know what would make this even more Epic. Of course you know. I shouldn't even have to tell you, but I will. Replace Geun Suk....I shouldn't tell you with who. You KNOW with who...but I'll tell you anyway because you're my Tia and I adore you. GONGYOO

  2. LOL! I knew with who, I just knew, since we're family and I love you too XD. Speaking of his adorableness, he's gonna have a fan-meet in Japan... *is green with envy*

  3. Go check out my response to the my blog...which ever volume it was with the Gena Showalter picture. Then lets get to work.