Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh, the Humanity.

So Twinings changed their formula for their Earl Grey Tea.

Apparently, it now tastes (and smells) like dishwater.

I'd like to have a test of my own, with an old bag of the original blend and a new bag with the "evolved" more lemony taste Twinings says they changed it to. Just to see, you know, just to be fair.

But I'm so sure it's dishwater... because it's bergamot we're talking about here, people.

The perfume industry has been suffering from this for a long time now, thanks to IFRA's mandates.

I'd not be against some of it if it was for the preservation of our natural resources, or some truly altruistic objective they had, for changing and forbidding the use of certain natural oils and such in various industries, but let's be real here, when it comes to industries... it's all about money, money deals, politics and all and all MONEY.

Now Twinings Earl Grey fans has suffered, the company has changed a formula that they had kept true (or I think they did until now, I mean who knows the secret inner workings of food companies anyway) in an attempt to "revitalize" it (i.e. MONEY, we want mo'money).

You would think, when it comes to companies like Twinings, that make such a big deal out of keeping the history of it intact, proud, the good old english, royal seal and all, that they would continue to do so, but nope.

Oh, The Humanity.

So, what's next? will fake artificial flavours continue to invade everything? I'm thinking yes.  Hellz, we have fake food everywhere, I mean, it's impossible to evade transgenic products, if they come out of the field already changed, what's stopping them from being used in processed food? Parts of the world have so much food they waste it while others continue to die without it, but that's another topic altogether, I digress...

As a costumer, I have had my fair share of disappointments with favorite processed food products. They get changed and it's not the same. The old flavours get lost in our collective memories never to see the light again. Kids have the advantages of not having lived long enough to long for their own favorites continuing to taste the same, but just you wait! Because as time passes, so will the world change, and with it everything you love.

I'm feeling pessimistic now. So what. 


  1. I was justing going to tell you to update your blog more often. You do. But it's about tea. *sigh* (no, really. I know what it's about.)

    To make an example of one of your last statements. It's not so much the taste but the quanity. You should know I have to siblings. Now while my brother and I are 80's babies, my sister is a completely different generation, born in 2003. She's young enough to be either of our daughters. Now, when I was a child you could go to the store and buy a bag of chips or tasty cake for 25cents. Very cheap. Today, those same chips and cakes cost 50 cents and the portions are smaller. But you know why, don't know. Children are easy targets. No matter what the price is, or how small a size, they'll manage to get mommy and daddy's money to buy those processed snacks. And mommy and daddy will cough up the few bucks daily so the child can eat something. But that's a completely different story I am NOT going to get into. But yes. Things change over time and the poor youth weren't around when it was better. Maybe this new generation likes dishwater tea. Lord knows they like so much horrible tasting stuff. Personally, processed foods make me gag. Well, things like fake meat does.

  2. There is nothing sacred anymore , nothing sacreddd!!! BTW we all saw it coming right? what's next, chocolate that is not chocolate?? oh wait...

  3. To be fair, they should lower the price. I mean, if I want dishwater, I can get it pretty much for free. Don't want to pay for it.



    Where's the world going if we can't get a decent cup of Earl Grey tea? :(
    The bastards.