Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dinner Extraordinaire

 Me: Voila! My dinner.
Bro: I worry about your eating habits.
Me: Why? it's all good.
Bro: Are yah kiddin' me? Cheese puffs, a couple of sweets, baby food and a way-too-big cuppa tea? It's junk I tell yah, junk!
Me: Eehhhh... but it's yummy *pouts*
Bro: *shakes head* Whatever.

Me: Uhm... why is it all blurry? and there are spots of light in my eyes... I don't feel so good... the darkness calls my name...


  1. LOLZ! It looks like a 70's picture! is that an app? vintage rocks

  2. Tea is not junk though. XD

    (Btw, I read that one-shot you've posted and commented on it :P)

  3. derBruder: It's pixrl-o-matic for android mah deah boy. LOL!
    Trice: That's right! Tea is life! LOL (which one-shot are you referring to?)