Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A little DIY five

I knitted a beanie hat for bro. Consider this your birthday present, so happy waaaaaay early birthday, dear brother!!!
4 mm straight needles with #3 light yarn. The yarn label said it should be worked with 2 1/2 mm needles but I didn't think so, hehe.
Cast on 120 +1 stitches
I did a 3x3 rib for 4 cm and then I decreased 2 knit stiches and 2 purl stitches (K2tog, K1 and P2tog, P1)all the way through which left me with 81 stitches.
I knitted all for 16 cm and then I decreased on every knit row like this:
K2, K2tog. And the wrong side Purl all.
K2, K2tog. Purl.
K1, K2tog. Purl.
K1, K2tog. Purl.
K2tog. Purl
K2tog. Purl. This left me with 4 stitches, I finished by threading them with the tail with a tapestry needle and sewing the sides together. Weave in the ends.

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  1. This is good. I really like this one. Knit one for me!!! But yellow! Or pink. (looks at her yellow yarn) Are you just playing with your own patterns?

    1. LOL how am I supposed to send you one? When you feel better give making it a try, just remember a 3x3 rib is (K3, P3), it was actually pretty easy, and yeah, I'm experimenting doing stuff, it's fun ^___^.
      I told bro "I'm making you a beanie, but I'm winging it as I go, so if it turns out crap..." hehehe, I also asked him if he wanted it slouchy (he said he wanted one like josh's in Being Human) but he said no... I think I planted a seed of doubt about my abilities in his mind.
      It's a no brainer if one wants it slouchy though, just making it longer does the trick.