Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Manga rant.

I just finished reading Yankie-kun to Megane-chan.

WTF? Seriously? Are you kidding me? Tell me you're joking, mangaka-sensei, tell me- what? It's not a joke, that was really the ending? That piece of cra- OMG, I hate you now... they say the series got axed because of low ratings... you know what? That's still no excuse. That is one of the most disappointing endings I've ever read, and there has been some doozies...
I liked this manga so much, it was so funny, then I saw how it got serious with hana-chan's "mysterious family drama" (not mysterious at all, one could tell from a mile away they were yakuza) but I had faith in you, sensei, I foolishly thought if anyone could make this still-funny-in-highschool-and-lighthearted it's you, but nooooo, you had to have hana-chan suddenly disappear, like she's not a central character to the story. I really felt her absence. The rest of the gang went about with their lifes... shinagawa became a highschool teacher at Monshiro high... and then hana reappears... as a 22 year-old student, urging shinagawa to go to the friking field trip with his class? WHAT?
Some say it was so impossible it felt like a hallucination shinagawa had, that hana-chan never came back. I would accept that, as sad and horrible as it sounds, because it would be better.
But according to interviews, she did go back to highschool in the end, because she never graduated, never went to uni (how in the hell would she get accepted at Tono uni without actually graduating highschool?), and you expect me to believe the corresponding authorities would let her go to school again with actual teenagers like nothing happened? Like she's not a grow-ass woman? I don't know how things like that work in real life Japan, but I really don't think they would let adults who never finished schooling go back to study with the current youths. And yes, I realize this is a manga, therefore fantasy but come on!
Ugh. Now I wished I had known beforehand about this before starting to read your next manga, Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches... because I'm really nervous, you made me doubt you, sensei, and I can feel how you're dragging this series along because it got popular... which makes me believe you let yourself be bullied by the manga industry demands, by money, and your artistic views and your stories be damned... right? You make me love your work... only to slap my face with mediocrity in the end? Is that what's going to happen with Yamada-kun too?

Sorry about this, but I had to rant somewhere.

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  1. ROFL. Oh. This rant was funny. So sorry it turned out this way. Tried to watch the drama...didn't finish episode 1. Couldn't get over grown-ass-effing-28 year old Narimiya playing a high school student. And that turned me off from the manga. Which sounds like it was good until the end. But most manga's flop. Kaichou's ending sucked as well. And honestly, after the past saga in Kamisama Hajimemashite, it became too dull. Horimiya I like because of its simplicity and that fact that nothing really happens, ever, but even that needs to do something to pick it up (and not the dread 'let's introduce a third wheel into this already established relationship so we can have one of the characters become totally jealous and insecure despite your bf/gf not dating any of the 12 people who liked him/her before you came along so why would they suddenly be interested in this new person?"

    In other news, FAIRY TAIL (anime) restarts this week. SO EXCITED!!! I swear, the ending was the worse ending ever. How can you end a anime, as in episode 176 was supposed to be the final episode for the series, with a damn cliffhanger. I'm so glad they decided to continue.

    1. Eeeeehhh... old man narimiya (lol because he's younger than I) playing a teen? Like there's shortage of teenaged hopefuls for would-be idols in Japan of all places? ROTFL.
      The manga was great, and you're so right about endings, it's like the mangakas give it their all and then real life beats them down and they can only churn out suck-ass endings because all their steam ran out. It's very disappointing. Don't get me started on kaichou's endings... but I'll tell you this... imagine if the perv alien had disappeared, and ayuzawa had the suspition he was in england, but never did anything about it, and the whole gang continued on with their lives... cut to years later, ayuzawa becomed a highschool teacher... and the perv alien is one of her students. WHAAAAAA-?!
      Kamisama... I also know what you mean, it's kinda difficult for me to care about that other yokai's story, akura-o... and I'm also hoping they don't do a love triangle between him, nanami and tomoe (it could go that way, I can see it), and it seems to me that's the only big story left to tell...
      The dreaded 3ed wheel arch, I've come to hate it.
      I'm enjoying Switch Girl, I hope it doesn't have a crap ending as well.

      LOL, they ended it with a cliffhanger? Ugh! That sucks, I also hate that, in manga, in anime and tv shows, they get shot down and we are left hanging... I'm glad they'll continue fairy tail, let's hope it doesn't get ruined later on.
      You know, some say that it's best, or rather, the only logical way, to end manga which are slice-of-life with very open endings, which I get, but I also believe that manga should have a beginning, a middle, and an end, I mean, open ending doesn't necessarily mean cliffhangers that make no sense... right?

  2. In the early stages of Kaichou when Usui didn't know she was a maid, and that scene when he first saw her taking out the trash, now imagine if all we saw was Ayazawa taking out the trash and then her sudden expression of dread/fear and they show us the person she sees, but only the person's feet feet, then legs, torso, and it's so non-descriptive you can't tell if it's a guy or girl, and stop right before we see the person's face and we have NO CLUE who it is (unless you read the manga), and that's the end. That's it. The series finale. And there was nothing in the works for the anime to ever pick up and show you who she sees. That's cruel. It's like if KMM ended the fever series with Mac screaming "nooooo" after she killed that beast and we never quite learned if it was Barrons or not. So cruel!!!

    But yeah, that sounds like a suck ass ending for the manga. The only one I found remotely acceptable was Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu. But then they went and did that fuck ass movie with Mao and Masaki, both whom I like, but that movie sucked! It made me angry. (should go reread it)

    But no. Opening ended doesn't have to mean cliffhangers. Instead, they could have jumped 12 years later, showed Hana-chan coming from somewhere, off a plane, off the train, out of a taxi, and walking through the gates of the school where Shinagawa worked (not as a student). And Shinagawa is walking out the building with his class and sees her. That is an open ending. The story ends with them meeting again but you don't know what will happen now.

  3. TT__TT I made it this far, this freaking far, without spoiling myself about who Jellal sees (the cliffhanger), and some DICK on youtube thought it would be a good idea to say who is wearing that cloak. People suck! But I'm going to continue to act like I Don't know. Stupid jerk. WAHHHHHHHH. You'll never understand how upset I am.

    1. OMG that is too cruel, see this is why I hate spoilers, now you understand, -_-u.
      I'm sort of considering calling some open endings by other names, like, some cliffhangers are more "c*cktease" and others are a straight up "c*ckblock", you know? And some are just acts of cruelty againts fanhumanity.

  4. I'm still pissed off that someone spoiled this for me. But the only silverlining is that the new episode didn't even reveal who it is. If I still didn't know, I'd be irritated that I still don't know and it would make the wait for next weeks episode that much worse.