Sunday, January 9, 2011

On ebooks.

I know ebooks have become kind of a controversial topic for the book community ever since they got more and more popular. Some authors (but mainly publishing houses) are completely against them due to their belief that file sharing is taking money away from them, others embrace the ebook challenge and point out that file sharing gives them much needed free publicity.
I'm not an author, so, as a reader, ebooks are a blessing to me.
I'm a bibliophile living in a country where books have become obscenely expensive.
What can I do? the public library here in my city sucks so much I get depressed just thinking about going there. So that's a No.
When I found ebooks online... heaven's clouds opened to let sunshine cover me.
And Yes, I will tell you, I download pirated ebooks. Free ebooks. I can't buy them online because for various real life reasons that are beyond my fixing I just can't.
So, downloading ebooks has become a sort of addiction for me. But there's always a dark side to every happy story, reading too much on your computer screen is bad for eyes, your back, your social life, the lot.
I have 442 ebooks downloaded, of which I have read about half on my computer.
My body is getting too old for that.
So last month, Christmas time, I was trolling every store that sold electronics in Chile (I was vacationing there) looking for an e-reader. I wanted to get a Kobo, but apparently they only sell those in, like, select stores in Canada or something.
What I found, that was affordable, and had what I wanted was this one:

Viewsonic ereader Veb620.
(read this review, it says everything I have to say about this specific model).

I like my ereader. I don't need it to connect online, or offer all the frilly stuff a kindle offers, almost all of my ebooks are PDF files so whatever ereader I got would have the same disadvantages, since PDFs have certain intrinsecal logistic dillemas that ereader software in general have not yet resolved.
I wish the screen would be bigger though, but with the same size of ereader, and I wish I could adjust the contrast, but all in all, I'm happy as a clam.
I can read my ebooks wherever, my eyes and back are grateful, and I don't have to worry about book storage anymore. Since our apartment is filled with books already...
All I can say to authors out there is this:
If I like your book, I will endeavour to buy it, even if I have to sell my left kidney. If I don't like your book enough to put my body in danger, I won't buy it. So there, I'm not "stealing" money from anyone, since for me money is very hard to come by to begin with, I have to be careful and selective on how I spend.
I also like thinking that I'm giving trees a respite. 


  1. That reader doesn't have a very high rating. But it shows PDF and PDF's are hard to find readers for.

    I have an iPod touch. There are a ton of reader apps out for it; kindle, nook, sony, bookshelf, stanza, airfiles, etc...Besides nook and sony, I have all the other readers on it. So besides lit files, I can almost reader every thing.

    You know I pirate download as well, but I'm like you, if I like it, I'll buy it. If I reader it online and love it, I'll go buy it. If I don't like it I probably never finished it and will not buy it. The fever series, lords of the underworld, and three other series that are on my book shelf I read pirated first. *shrugs* I support when I can. Being a poor broke college student doesn't allow a chance to make much money.

    Your situation is worst than mine though. There are dozens of books I want you to read that you won't find pirated. I would mail them to you, but we both know how the whole mail thing works. How long did it take for you to get that package I sent you??? 2 months?? 3???

    But speaking of books, did you know Wendy Raven McNair's second book for that series came out back in September. I just found out yesterday, to my utter disbelief. I searched for it in November and I swear it wasn't out. But it says it was released September 20th.

    I'll give you some time back before I bombard you with files.

    All I have to say is the Black Dagger Brotherhood sucks. Was it you who suggested that?

  2. Eh~ Uhm... heheehehe... all I said was that the brothers mated like changelings... LOL I probably was who suggested it, gomen, I like them.

    Your fancy ipod touch, that was a good buy wasn't it? I'm glad ^____^ how about the screen size on it? do you like it?

    Speaking of Ms. Showalter, I began reading the Atlantis series... it's funny, so far I've laughed good. Read the "Into the Dark" short stories... my favorite was Nike and Atlas, they were H.O.T.

    *Sighs* yes, damn mail. I would love to get mail from you, but yeah, better not. It was a miracle that I even got your gift *sniffles*

    Ms. McNair is in desperate need of a publicist, it's bad that her new book came out and someone like you didn't know, someone who was on the look-out, a fan... *whines* Iwannareadittoooooo!!! LOL.

    Bombard away dear niece ♥ I can't wait.

  3. Since the iPod touch is a music player first and everything else second, the screen is relatively small. But each reading app has the option to enlarge the font size, though I find the default size perfect. And since the screen is so small, for me a slow reader, it feels like I'm reading fast because I'm constantly flicking to the next page.

    No. No. No. No. The best of the Into the Dark was William's Interviews. He is such a character. LOL. I laugh whenever I think of him.

    I have one of the Atlantis novels...The Vampire's Bride. I'm not a vampire fan, but man Layel is incredible, especially doing the second challenge when he was trying to make Delilah focus. *le sigh*

    I only read nook one of the black dagger brotherhood. But then I found out that Wellsie and the babe dies leaving Torh in a state of despair and depression. That alone is enough to turn me off the rest of the series. I liked Wellsie, even if she only had one-two scenes in the first novel.

    And it really is sad that I didn't know when I checked McNair's website every month.

  4. I don't have no reader! can i read 'em on my lil phone? it's not a blastedberry but a sonyericssonberry