Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It's Out it's out it's out it's out!!!!!!!!!!!!


*dances around wildly*

I'm off to read this book YAY!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I think it's time to say MacMacMacMacMacMac. She really does well for herself in this novel, seeing as how she has to do a lot on her own.

  2. As I told my friend -who I just found out about a week ago also reads this series- 'Bout time that old bitch died. I just wished she suffered a slow and terribly painful death. I hated her.

    Yes. No V'lane. Do you also feel a little...cheated??? I mean, we've thought V'lane was himself this entire time, but it turns out it's Cruce. I figured out he was Cruce I think back in book 4. Something he said never made sense. I just didn't know Cruce was his name at the time, but I knew he was the 4th prince. I just didn't want to believe it.

    Like you, I forget the Hunters are dangerous. They were just so cool when they were with Mac. It's hard to see them as a danger. It's like...leave them be, let them alone and they won't bother you.

    Darroc really was anti-climatic, but he couldn't have come soon enough. I was impatient for his death. I knew he didn't kill Alina either, he genuinely seemed to care about her, and because he went so easy on Mac and their parents, you knew he must have loved her. But he was annoying.

    I'm actually surprise I liked this series as much as I did. I hated the Highlander series (where the Keltars are from). But I wonder if Christian will remain an Unseelie Death-by-sex Prince.

    Another thing I told my friend. The threat isn't gone. Everyone better pray that MacKayla never goes to play in the dark place inside her head. Although Cruce is now the book, MacKayla is as well, and unlike Cruce, she can assess it at all times. To think, now there are TWO books.

    Barrons reason for doing everything, for his son, makes him seem so normal. But gosh, I want to murder Lor. Sit him right now to Rowena and kill them both.

  3. BTW, read Play of Passion yet? Drew is freaking great. And I'm sticking with my claim that I'm more of a Mercy than Indigo.

  4. V'lane... yes, I kinda feel cheated now that you mention it like that, in all probability the real V'lane was an a-hole, and the fake V'lane (which we thought we knew even with his fae secrets and all) doesn't exist, since Cruce was faking it all from the very beginning *sighs*.
    What a way to eliminate the third wheel in a love triangle... right? he never existed XD XD XD.
    The Dani issue is bugging me still, plus there's some things left in the air with her as well: What happened with her sword and her arm when she killed that Hunter? Is he even really dead? How come she's faster and stronger? and What was Ryodan's "job for her"?
    Lor is such a... well, the beasty-gang (as I call them) are truly beasts, as Barrons keeps telling Mac, just because he fell in love with her doesn't make him less one (like the Hunters, just because K'vruck treats her differently doesn't make all hunters suddenly good, they are probably still killing shide-seers)...
    So, yeah, I cannot for the life of me warm up to the beasty-gang, they are Neanderthals, dangerous animals, no empathy at all for humans, or anyone else but themselves. Lor was just being who he is. An out-of-time mercenary. That bit about them enjoying Mac's mum's food felt weird to me, like they were putting on an act because it was convenient for them at the time.

    LOL I haven't read Play of Passion... I don't wanna go near the future hawke-sienna epic romance that it seems only me in the whole world doesn't like. Go ahead and call me a weirdo, I'm used to it.
    You are totally a mercy, no doubt about it. I would call myself a faith... if I had to choose one...

  5. Yep, I agree. They are all beasty, but Lor was just rude. In the beginning. Ryodan wasn't such a mean ass, but he fucked up and was taking it out on MacKayla. He knows he fucked up but won't admit it.

    The one who killed Barrons, whose name I forgot, before he was possessed by the book he seemed to find Mac amusing.

    And the quiet one...he'll have a turn around. I just know it. He reminds me of another character but I can't remember who. I'm trying to think if it's a Psy-Changeling character or a Mercy Thompson character. But there was a character I read who would just sit there and stare at you. He wouldn't talk. Just stare.

    Maybe it was another series....

    Even if you don't want to read Hawke and Sienna, you have to read Indigo and Drew. It's the first and only pairing with a female who is more dominant than the guy.

    I can't believe you won't read Hawke and Sienna because you think he is too old for her, but you think he and Nikita would match, when Nikita has more years over him than he has over Sienna. And before you say she's does, she does. Hawke has about 15 years over Sienna. Hawke is only 6 years older than Sascha, maybe less.

  6. Uhm *sighs* ok ok ok ok ok jeez forget I ever said anything about nikita PLEASE... I don't wanna keep having to justify myself again and again XD. I realize I'm being obtuse and close-minded... whatever. Maybe I'll get over it... I can't predict the future you know...

  7. But I thought you were Faith? Aren't you an F-Psy? LMAO. Okay. Okay. I won't bring it up, but I won't ever forget you said that.

    Right now I'm read a Black Historical Romance novel. Kind of glad that the blatant racism isn't all up in your far. Only part I saw, besides the brief references to the war, was when the train conductor told the couple, "Injuns and blacks in the back." Took me a minute to remember Injun means Indians/Native Americans.

    Not my use read, but this isn't so bad. The two MC's compliment each other well.

  8. The complicated part about this story is some of the references it makes to the early 1800's. I know about African American history. I was taught them from grade school on up. But I'm not familiar with Native American History. Never have been, which is sad since I have Indian and Black ancestry. T_T

  9. You know, this book is still #1 on my "Most Awesome Epic Endings of a Series" books. And even to this day I still feel cheated about V'lane.

    1. Have you read "Iced" yet? V'lane was there, frozen and not himself (whoever that is) but there, did I tell you? I think I did...

    2. No, in fact, did not tell me that. You didn't say that at all.
      Still haven't read it. Kinda waiting for the next book so I can read at least 2. May wait until all 3 books are out (I believe there will be three books in Dani's pov). But remember, I'm never much liked Dani.