Thursday, December 20, 2012


Went to see her highness XD, we got a friking winter day in the middle of friking summer aaaaaand the concert started around 11:30 pm ARGHHHH XP
Still, i'm glad I went and saw it.

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  1. Maybe it's my age, growing up in the 90's and early 2000's, or the fact that I always liked ballads and instrumentals more than pop that I'm not a Madonna fan and only know about 3 songs, but I hear she's a fantastic performer. One of the best. True statement?

    1. Well, I know all her songs (more the old than the new) mainly because of dear bro (who's the real madonna fanboy in this family XD) so music-wise it was cool. Performance, yes, she's top of the top, no doubt.
      This particular concert we went to though had major delay problems, they began 5 hours later more or less than schedule, so that pissed people off (although it wasn't madonna's fault 'cause she was there in the stadium from early, we saw the rehearsal) so yeah, we were freezing our butts off... LOL.
      But I guess those kinds of things can happen to anyone. They said in the papers that the only other concert that had that much delay was Pear Jam in '08.

  2. It was sooo cold that day! :-)