Saturday, December 29, 2012


So i'm sick, been in bed these past few days. The flu, nothing serious but it sucks nevertheless.
Today I took a shower since even with my runny nose I could still smell the stink... And was "this close" from passing out.
Thank god I had the time to get out and sit in the toilet. Booooo. I hate you sickness, go away.

(if I was a vampire this would never had happened, hehehe, still, I feel like the vamps in Vampire Diaries when bitten by a wolfie.)

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  1. "I could still smell the stink" ROFLMAO. Good thing you loofah'ed and all.

    Aww. Get better soon. Slice a potato and stick it in your socks. Go to bed like that. The potato will draw the flu out from the heel of your feet.

    Best to get sick now and hope you're better by new year.