Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunset Coven 2

Suri: OMG! here it is, I just wrote this, it just came out, man I missed that feeling, XD XD.
Uhm...a question... the word "covern", is that a surname? because I can't find it anywhere, and I'm not sure if you meant to write coven or cover, although I like "coven", a lot.


“You’re in surprisingly good shape dear niece of mine, not even a hint of a pant running to the car” Jime said while performing her signature move of putting on her Chanel sunshades with a flourish while doing something else, in this case, effortlessly driving Jack.
Suri rolled her eyes in what everyone but herself would describe as the quintessential adolescent sneer “Unlike some people, I don’t need to constantly brag about what I can or can’t do.”
A few seconds was all it took for Suri to ask what Jime knew she wanted to ask.
“So… Really? The wolves? You think they’re onto us?”
“I’m afraid so, one can’t really run around smelling so sweetly  as we do, and not leave a trail for them to sniff.”
“But I loofah-ed and everything back at the last hotel, I don’t smell.
“Sometimes I’m surprised that I keep forgetting you’re my dear baby-niece, so young and innocent and cute and naïve and cute and trusting and-
“Cut it out”
“-and cranky.”
“It’s all your fault anyway.”
Jime did not want to go that conversational path, yet again, so she promptly turned on the music she surreptitiously downloaded using Suri’s iphone that she hooked up to the car, magic wireless at its best.
Iggy Pop’s Power and Freedom came on loud and clear.
“What the hell is that?” Suri’s Death-Glare jumped between Jime and her own iphone.
“I’m trying to have my Supernatural moment here, if you don’t mind, we’re on the road, in a kick-ass black car, and I want to hear me so good old Rock and Roll.”
“Why is it coming from my iphone then? I only have K-pop in it at the moment!”
“You should know better by now not to leave your gadgets where I can get to them.”
“You used my money again! I can’t believe you! Why? God, why?” The last question muffled as Suri stuffed her hands on her face in defeat.
“Don’t worry so much, baby” Jime patted Suri’s head “I’ll pay you back, you know that, I just gotta get some money on my hands first, besides, it’s for your own musical education that I did it.”
“That lame-ass excuse of not understanding the concept of virtual money and credit cards is getting as old as you are.”
Jime hissed, but the fangs didn’t come out, which made her anger look only partially frightening. “That’s low, baby-niece”.
“I’ll stop calling you old when you stop calling me a baby.” She inhaled deeply “And another thing, this is what you call running under the radar? With the music so loud I can’t even hear myself?”
“You know what they say: if it’s too loud, you’re too old.”
“You’re fixated on age, it’s not good for your mental health, I really worry about you Tia.”
Jime shooshed her down with her hand and as they continue to ride down the road in companionable Rock and Roll silence and they began to think about how they got there in the first place.

Suri couldn’t point down a specific moment to blame for her current situation. She had just graduated from Witch Uni, with honors, and her natural magic level had gotten her to the Point Of Immortality way sooner than the average witch, which was awesome for her, but everyone else was worried, from her family to her professors, they all thought she was too young to handle the magic, the responsibility, the power. She had become almost offended that they all thought so little of her self-control, since she had excelled at it since she was little, she had every reason to be proud of her skill at the Craft and of never crossing that line that divided good magic from bad magic.
Actually, she was tired of it. Of always acting the good student, the good daughter, of never committing a mistake. It was HARD WORK, and she never got the congratulations, the good job people normally got, a pat on her back, a little hug, that much sought-after I’m proud of you; no, she couldn’t believe she had actually spoiled everyone into expecting her always to be perfect… that, ironically, had been her biggest mistake.
So when her favorite aunt had come barrelling in one night, inviting her to have some fun on a girl’s night out she’d accepted immediately. And then the series of events that came at them tumbled down a spiral of bad luck (Jime says, more like bad judgement, Suri thought) that had them running away from angry wolves, Jack Jammer-of-the-Sinn-Jammers’ black list, and something she just knew Jime was hiding from her that she vowed she’ll find out even if she had to carve it out of her aunt, as scary as vampires could be, by tonight.

Jime on the other hand was just happy to be out in the world, enjoying life. After 900 years one got dangerously close to extreme boredom, and when one as old and powerful as she was became bored… let’s just say it was not good for anybody. She’d seen first hand the demented megalomania, obsessions, and every other bag of nasty-crazy that would overcome the others who were like her, and she was sure it was all rooted in boredom. They just didn’t know what to do with themselves. Thank God she had kept her ties with humankind and always found people she loved just like she once had her human family, all dead now but in her memory. They kept her grounded, her eyes open. Her dear sobrina Suri was one of those beloved people, and somehow she had gotten the notion that Suri was wanting something to change in her life, whatever it was, and maybe she’d be able to find it going along with Jime for a while. She sure was sorry to put Suri in danger though. It hadn’t been her intention, but as things tend to go down with what Jime was after, it was inevitable. But Suri was tough and capable, she could handle it.
Jime needed to find him, and fast.
Him, he who is a mystery, the one with no name, the oldest supernatural being in existence, all she knew was that he was rumored to be a werewolf, and a hot one at that (all the ladies she’d asked raved about his talents in the sack), she couldn’t wait to test- hey, don’t get sidetracked, your motives for seeking him out are legit! Dammit!
Jime needed to know how to bypass her biggest problem, walking in the sunshine. After what seemed an eternity she was getting obsessed.
She wanted to see the sun again.



  1. It should be coven. Stupid typo.

  2. Man. LUV IT!!!!! Im going to have so much fun with this. And I especially like how I have no clue what you'll write so I can't really preplan much. Wonder who this guy is.... I have to say you nailed what motivations I had for those two. Good job

  3. Princess, I don't know what country you're in, but I hope you are all right. Send me an email!