Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The wolf-shaped bullet.

I am speechless.
I am crying my eyes out.
I thought they wouldn't. But they did.
Being Human's series 3 finale, "The Wolf-shaped Bullet".
I will revel in it being the masterpiece that it is after I get pass the mourning stages.
Right now I'm on anger. I hope acceptance comes soon.


  1. Damn! Who did they kill off?
    There's an American version of that show out now. Only saw the first 2 episodes.

  2. (I haven't seen that version... anyway.)
    They killed a MAJOR character!
    I literally gasped when it happened! All throughout the episode it was like: yes we will, no we won't, we will, we won't, BAM!he's dead! Bam!the episode is over! Sneaky tv writers.
    I expected it to happen because of these facts:
    *The entire storyline was headed that way
    *There was nowhere else for that character to go
    *The actor has been cast in "The Hobbit" (damn you Peter Jackson)
    *And most of all, british tv writers are not afraid not kill off anyone (I learned that the hard way with "Torchwood").
    But I still was hoping they wouldn't do it.
    Mitchell will be missed, but now that I'm recovered (XD) I hope they bring other vampires who want to be human in.
    But even if they don't, my favorite is still georgy-boy, the crying werewolf (I think, if they had killed him... I don't think I would continue to watch...)

  3. So Aiden dies. Figured he would. And George is Josh in the American version. And Annie is Sally. Boooo. Wonder if the American writers will keep the ending of season 3 the same.

  4. I think they probably won't, a lot of other things happened in the previous seasons to make Mitchell reach that point (and actually ALL the characters), the US writers might very well not go that way at all...