Tuesday, March 8, 2011

River Marked

So I'm finished reading Patricia Briggs' latest Mercy Thompson book, "River Marked".
Since I've keep with my attempts at not being spoiled all these years when it comes to things I like this book left me very pleasantly surprised.
I didn't have the slightest hint that a wedding would come so soon!
But Alas! since my favorite couple could NOT go on a honeymoon without getting their lives at stake (the universe would implode) I kinda expected them to get into trouble.
But hot-damn, the kind of trouble they found!
I've been dreaming of Mercy getting in touch with her native-american side since the very First book, so I drank the whole thing up. I love Coyote, he's so... so... irreverent but wise, aloof but someone who cares, funny but with a serious backbone, mysterious but makes sense, and I love the fact that when Mercy threatened him with calling her mother he actually backed off. Hilarious! (and it was so right when he walked off with the walking stick).
But what made this book, if you ask me, is seeing how Mercy and Adam have come such a long way, their love runs so deep, it's a thing of beauty.
Stefan's slow climb up tugged at my heart-strings. 
Meanwhile, I've become used to changing my momo's wallpaper according to the book I happen to be reading, and I finally got to use a certain wallpaper that, the SECOND I saw I knew it was Mercy, in my mind.


  1. You have a very vivid imagination. That picture does nothing much for me.

    Yes, Coyote was awesome. He was such an enigma, some many contradictions rolled into one. So was Thunderbird.

    The thing I like about PB is that she doesn't rush the characters. After Mercy's incident in book 3, she didn't rush and make Mercy all better. Mercy says she still has the nightmares, which is only logical.

    In this case, she didn't rush Adam and Mercy's newfound marriage. Just because they're married doesn't mean that Mercy would submit to Adam and his possessiveness. And Adam is still learning just how much Mercy loves him. It's realistic in a way.

    STEPHAN!!!! *tears* Gosh, he makes me feel like such a hypocrite. I always say how much I hate vampires, and I do, but then I go on and love Stephan. Lothaire (sp) as well (Vamp from The Immortals After Dark). And Wolfe. Those three make me bruise myself. lol. STEPHAN!!!!

    My only problem was no Sam.

    Have you read Masquade? Aralon's story?

  2. Speaking of Stefan and the creepy vampires... Have you seen "Nosferatu"? that movie is creeeeeeeeeeeeepyyy!!! I was right there with Stefan getting goosebumps remembering Max Schreck as Count Orlok, and because you can't have one without there other, I remember bro and I watched "Shadow of the Vampire" right after, so yeah... that happened. If PB puts that vamp in future books... I think I might count him in my personal list of "very scary vampires in fiction" of all times. XD

    Masques you mean? I don't have any other PB books but the mercy and alpha&omega series...

  3. Yeah, that's the movie guy dude. Max Schreck. And no, I never saw it. I have no intentions too.

    Masques isn't as good as any of the Mercy books. Though I will admit that Wolf is an intriguing character.

    Anyway, I'm on Fancy Pants right now. I care as much as Chloe's story as I did about Belinda. Dalli is more interesting than the chick. But I always wondered if Meg would get a story so I'll read the others just to get to that.